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|| jan trützschler von falkenstein


: 2016 :

11. February: Post Code Beta at Splendor, Amsterdam

29. April: Post Code Beta (for SuperCollider and Manta) at BEAST FEaST Birmingham

12. May: Post Code Beta (for SuperCollider and Manta) at Ephemere, Studio Loos, Den Haag





Thanks for stopping by.

I’ve teamed up with Mouse On Mars and after a long time of development our music drawing app called FluxPad will be released soon.

I am also designing and developing two new mobile music apps for TeaTracks.
Please check my ctrl-t.
I am still curating UCON - a bit outdated site -, a monthly radio program on radio tonka. Below you find a selection of some of my (more recent) work and some older video footage.

SQRT for iOS:
(Visual Design by Gabriele Trutzschler)

The sonic light performance/installation \/\//\/\ with Mike Rijnierse was to premiered at the Rewire festival 2011 in Den Haag.

\/\//\/\#1 at REWIRE_Festival by Mike Rijnierse & Jan Trützschler von Falkenstein

SplashingAbout by Jan T.
For n iPhones running Gliss. Here is also a short video.

"Sound Snooper" sound installation and performance in collaboration with Mike Rijnierse at TODAYSART 2010

"es raschelt", a sound installation for fluttering sheets of paper as seen at stony brook university art gallery during icmc 2010. the paper performs a unique generative composition.

es raschelt - at icmc 2010, stony brook university, left view


The sonic video installation for 5daysoff, which I've built in collaboration with Mike Rijnierse is to see at NIMK Amsterdam from 3. - 7. March 2010.

installation amsterdam nimk

horizons_5DAYSOFF from Mike Rijnierse on Vimeo.

My piece "Cut" for paper, percussion and SuperCollider has been premiered by Jonny Axelsson at the ISCM World Music Days 2009 in Göteborg, Zweden (04.10.2009).


This pieces uses a 1.5 x 5 meter sheet of paper and the shadow projection of the performer. Recently it has been performed by Eric Bumstead at a BEAST concert in Birmingham.

The European Conference of Promoters of New Music

Here are some pictures of Schafskälte, an installation at Gaswerk Weimar in collaboration with Tom Tlalim and Mike Rijnierse supported by Stroom.


First live performance of Hexagon (v. 2) for the Manta controller. The concert took place in Weimar with nice video work by MXZEHN.

SynaeSon - ~falkenst

Hexagon (v. 2) by falkenst

Es raschelt: An installation for long sheets of paper.
A small scaled version fo this installation has been set up in Weimar. Two sheets of paper hanging from the ceiling play a generative composition. Paper are being shaken and rattled by 2 stepper motors.

es raschelt

Hexagon study 01: A short improvisation on some new material. Using the amazing Manta interface.

Hexagon study 01 by falkenst

Findings 01: A short exercise in mashing up some of my field recordings (2009):

findings 01 by falkenst

fddm (cubic worlds dvd/animation: christoph kern 2005)

the age of paper (for live paper/cello/double bass and video installation - promo dvd 2005)
(with Gabriele Hultsch, Brice Soniano, Sasha Agranov. video: MXZEHN)

apparaat 3 (for typewriter, voice and computer)
voice: Sarah Maria Kramer, typerwriter: Krista Vincent
live at Korzo Den Haag 2003


: 2014 :

11. December: Post Code Beta at Ephemere, Studio Loos Den Haag

: 2012 :

16.-19. April: \/\//\/\ #1 at Mile End Galler
y, SuperCollider Symposium, London. With Mike Rijnierse.

16. April: Talk about SuperCollider Audio Unit UI Framework at SuperCollider Symposium, London. With Z

29. March: \/\//\/\ #1 at Wonderwerp, Studio Loos, Den Haag

: 2011 :

01. June: Gliss demo at NIME 2011, Oslo

07.-10. July: Guest Lectures at TU Ilmenau

: 2010 :

27.-30. January: Guest Lectures at TU Ilmenau

: 2010 :

03. - 06. June: es raschelt, installation at Stony Brook University Art Gallery NYC

06. / 07. June: SuperCollider Workshops at Resistor NYC

06. June: hexagon live at share New York

03. - 07. March: collaboration with Mike Rijnierse at NIMK Amsterdam: sonic video installation

06. February: t.i.e. at Spa2, Berlin.

16. January: "Cut" for percussion, paper and computer in Birmingham (more info soon).

: 2009 :

19. November: First appearence of my iPhone ensemble t.i.semble at Studio Loos, The Hague. Also on the program: 'Hexagon' for computer (SuperCollider) and Manta.

4th October:
'cut' for paper, percussion and computer at the ISCM World New Music Days 2009 performed by Jonny Axelsson.

16th September: 'Hirngespinste' for saxophone, piano, percussion and 3 wii remotes controlling SuperCollider live in Vilnius payed by the LOOS Ensemble.

24./25. June:
SuperCollider workshop at STEIM, Amsterdam

7. - 14. June:
Residency at Gaswerk Weimar
Synae, 90 years of Bauhaus with Tom Tlalim and Mike Rijnierse supported by Stroom

30. May:
BEAST Birmingham:
Perforated (for computer)

28. May:
es raschelt, sound installation
at Gaswerk Weimar
Synae, 90 years of Bauhaus

4.-5. April: SuperCollider workshop with Nick Collins and Dan Stowell at Harwestworks, New York

8. April: live performance at Tank, New York

9.-12. April: SuperCollider Symposium at Wesleyan University, Middletown including a performance of 'perforated' for n-channel audio

: 2008->1999 :